Relationships and ADHD

I had a 21 year old hit up on me. That had never happened before. I always did the pursuing. But I let my fear of rejection over ride my reason. And cancelled first meeting. He lost interest. But I did not find that out for several weeks. After he went back to his ex. It hurt like a bitch. But we were not dating. Anyway he graduated got a good job and moved back home to Snohomish. I tell all that I date. After the third date I tell them if they want out to tell me outright and not ignore me thinking I’ll get the hint. As far as Chris, well he had a third party tell me. We talk now like nothing happened. Although no longer single. In hindsight the clues were there. He stopped using smileys, and terms of endearment. And one or two others. I missed them initially. So I realized that I HAD MY CHANCE but blew it. AS USUAL. Then spent the next four or five days crying myself to sleep. 
Friends are sympathetic “Don’t Worry Mark! There is someone out there for you”. Shit I’m 46 Years Old. I have never had the Long Term Relationships Never. Flings Yes, LTR’s no. I knew long ago when I was warned that my behavior in a social setting would still be severely impaired if I did not take Rehabilitation. The Insurance companies refuse to pay for it. They don’t consider ADHD a mental health problem. And. This is the result. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha my score 0 and 11. The guys I did date were not cruel. They simply did not know how to handle me undedicated. Stimulants will keep you awake at night if taken too closely to bed time. Dr. Lewis won’t increase the dosage. 30mg twice daily has become insufficient. I used to take Concerta LTR. But ONCE AGAIN this asshole insurance companies say try a less effective drug first. Six years later and they still are being tight wadded. 
Well there it is. I don’t have to tell you what I’m like without Meds. You experience it first hand. Though the Adderall does temper the behavior. So they say I can handle it. And then three months later they walk right back out. mark.w.noonan.
ADHD and Lovers


Journal Entry C (3) 

Journal Entry 3️⃣ (c)05/27/2016
    Well Let’s hope that I do FEEL and SEE the LIGHT at the end of this miserable Cycle of DEPRESSION. Sometimes I wish that there were an all cure for clinical Depression. Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors only do so much. They are pretty good at keeping the duration and frequency of the depression does happen all I can do is wait and endure. It’s like I’m the USS Haleakala in typhoon tossed seas. NOT FUN IN THE LEAST. So

MAY 31, 2016

It Figures


   Millions of Americans in this country are in need of education regarding human sexuality and gender identification.

The problem here is not transgender people or GAY people or laws that the government puts in place.
The problem is lack of education. 
If we began to teach human sexuality courses from third grade ( The THIRD GRADE was when we had the first sex-ed class when I was growing up ) through high school and made the information incrementally age-appropriate overtime we would not be having this conversation because the population would understand what transgender is what transgender means and what transgender is not. People would also have a better understanding of what bisexuality is what homosexuality is etc.
SEE…the reality is YOUR KIDS…………….yes………. YOUR KIDS may walk into a job interview, have a college room-mate, co-worker or neighbor one day that may be GAY or TRANSGENDER …………….this is a reality and we need to educate our children regarding the REAL WORLD not the world you WISH was real…….
Most of the problems that we face in this country we face because people are UN… or under educated on the topic

People who have gender dysphoria feel strongly that they are not the gender they physically appear to be.

For example, a person who has a penis and all other physical traits of a male might feel instead that he is actually a female. That person would have an intense desire to have a female body and to be accepted by others as a female. Or, someone with the physical characteristics of a female would feel her true identity is male.

“Dysphoria” is a feeling of dissatisfaction, anxiety, and restlessness. With gender dysphoria, the discomfort with your male or female body can be so intense that it can interfere with the way you function in normal life, for instance at school or work or during social activities.

Gender dysphoria used to be called “gender identity disorder.” But the mismatch between body and internal sense of gender is not a mental illness. The condition has also been called “transsexualism.” But this term is outdated. Some consider it offensive. Now “transgender” is often used to describe someone who feels his or her body and gender do not match.

Gender nonconforming (GNC) is a broader term that can include people with gender dysphoria. But it can also describe people who feel that they are neither only male or only female. Informally, people who identify with both genders or with neither gender might call themselves “genderqueer.”

Gender dysphoria is not homosexuality, bisexuality or a mental illness.Your internal sense of your gender is not the same as your sexual orientation.


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Reviewed by Joseph Goldberg, MD on September 24, 2014

On Teaching the Graphic Novel


About once a month, I get asked by a colleague or friend for the syllabus I used to teach my seminar on the Graphic Novel at Amherst. Included below is a list of the texts that I used to teach students. In that seminar I allowed optional creative exercises and finals, and that led to me teaching tutorials in the making of comics, which led to me advising two graphic novel theses to summa honors. I’m very proud of those students, who were both also awarded the English Department’s prize for best thesis. Amherst’s English department was very generous and supportive in the teaching I did there throughout, and I’m incredibly grateful for the hard work of all of my students.

I taught the class as an experiment, even an expedition of a kind, and so it was never the same every time. I began teaching it because more graphic novels…

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